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Our Promise

Our Mission

Our Vision

Benefits of WHOA Membership

1.  Membership is voluntary

2.  Bi-annual neighborhood directory

3.  V.I.P. patrols by neighbrohood volunteers (Trained by the Dallas Police Dept.)

4.  Landscaping maintained in 12 community common areas

5.  Electricity for sign lighting

6.  Annual neighbrorhood parties, picnics, July 4th parade, and special events.

7. Information through various web sites

8.  Quarterly membership and Board meetings

9.  Coordination with City on code enforcement, City repair issues, and liaison with City Police and Fire Depts.

10.  Special Speaker Series and Focus Group meetings throughout the year.

11.  Coordination with City Departments and City Council regarding issues related to surrounding community,   

     RISD schools and traffic issues.

12.  Email, and FaceBook notification of important issues and concerns regarding neighborhood issues

13.  Maintaining communication with area apartments and retail businesses

14.  Dedicated to supporting property values and a very pleasant neighborhood for Woodbridge residents.

15.  Community social connections - being a part of making Woodbridge better

16.  WHOA Welcome Committee